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Topaz Vineyards, a young, up and coming  private Wine Vineyard on land that was handed down for generations on rich soil our ancestors has cultivated and will yield some of the boldest and sweetest wines ever made, the freshest produce included in our dishes from ground to table that will boast of organic goodness in the food and beverage industry and  in the Panhandle. We participate, vending in various festivals and events also, offering the intimate Private Wine Tasting experience showcasing our soulful Sangria!


The Legacy

My mom always said "We never had nothing, don't sell nothing". She had some of the best growing hands and loved the earth. If she could  grow a fig tree in Brooklyn, we can grow grapes.  I am a combination of my parents legacy between North Carolina and Florida; even further back to "The Trail of Tears" where some of my ancestors were forced West. The Food and Beverage industry has always been a part of my familial fabric whether for survival or private consumption. The determination to build a dream  Farm Vineyard in this lifetime will be a tribute to those before us that entrusted and believed in me to stay steadfast in this journey. 


The Promise

This work is not for the faint! Please stay tuned for information on our soft opening harvest festival in 2021 Big things, Big things!

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Topaz Vineyards

3398 Mt. Ararat Road, Mariana, Florida 32448

(850) 296-7512/(202) 413-4335